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Welcome 2 The Chop Shop

Image of Welcome 2 The Chop Shop

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Straight out of south west Detroit comes Southwest Sol and Shaggys brother D.J. Tre Pound with one of the first tastes of there group The Chop Shop. With their rims to limbs style over instrumentals by Tre lb. the ninja who brought you beats on songs like 4ever Detroit, Knee Crakaz, Juggalo, and Trife on D.J. Clays Let em Bleed series they bring wicked tales of Haunted death mobiles, Juggalo parties, and chopping cars up along with the victims that bring them 2 The Chop Shop. If you a Juggalo griping A creepy old bucket or a Monster Cadillac, make sure to peep Chop Shop!

Track listing-
2.Welcome 2 the Chop Shop
5.The Machine
6.Swing this Ax
7.People of the lies
8.Wild Wild Southwest
9.Juggalo Stomp
10.Hell Ride
11.We Got It (feat. Shaggy 2 dope)
12.Juggalo Pimp
13.Get You
15.The world is Diseased

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